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What is COR?


What is COR?

The Campus Observation Room (COR) is:

  •  A friendly, safe, non-judgmental place where students who have had too much to drink can come to sleep it off.
  • A non-medical detox service run by Health, Counseling and Disability Services. 
  • A harm-reduction program aimed at reducing the risk of alcohol-related injury by assessing and monitoring intoxicated students, and referring them to a medical facility when warranted.
  • Completely CONFIDENTIAL. No report of anyone’s visit to COR is ever given to anyone (not Residences, not Health Services, not the Registrar’s office, not parents … you get the picture).
  • A support to the KGH Emergency Department. For every intoxicated student who comes to COR instead of the hospital, there’s an extra bed available in Emerg for a critically ill patient.

Who can come to COR?

All Queen’s students and guests to Queen’s are welcome at COR. We do not admit St. Lawrence, RMC or local High School students. Beyond that, the criteria to be admitted include:

  • Intoxicated on alcohol only... no other substance abuse
  • Able to walk (with support) and talk (mutters are OK) … if you can’t walk and talk, we send you to the KGH Emergency Department so you can be checked out by a physician. 
  • Willingness to stay … COR can’t make anyone stay if they don’t want to
  • No other major injuries. If someone banged their head or is bleeding heavily, they need to be checked out by a physician. Once that’s done, they can come back to COR.



You know you need COR when:

    … you’re not sure why the sidewalk you're hugging isn’t hugging you back.

   … you dedicate a rousing rendition of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to the stranger next to you.

   … you cut up a pineapple and scream:Spongebob! I know you’re in there!

   … you are convinced you can get McDonald’s to DELIVER.











What happens at COR?


When intoxicated students come in, they are assessed and monitored by professional detox staff from the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) Detox Centre and by trained student volunteers. When their condition warrants it, COR staff will send students for medical help at Kingston General Hospital.


Visitors to COR usually sleep it off in this safe environment. Because they are monitored by COR staff, they’ll be helped immediately if their condition worsens. 


Our goal is to keep you safe. That’s all. COR staff and volunteers don’t lecture or tell you what to do or what not to do. 



What happens after a visit to COR?


All visitors are wakened at 6:30am. Almost always, they’re sent home at this time. If a visitor is still heavily intoxicated and unsafe to leave, alternate arrangements will be made to ensure their safety. 


After that, nothing happens. COR does not follow up with students and it doesn’t tell anyone who visited. 


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