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What We've Planned     

     Our Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are involved in TONS of planned outreach events throughout the academic term.  Check out where they'll be and read through the event descriptions to get an idea about what they'll be doing.  While some events are a one-time deal, others are on-going programs offered once or twice a week.  You'll also notice that some events are geared towards some specific groups on campus but many are open to all students on campus so feel free to drop in or register for events that interest you!

What We Can Offer YOU!

     If you're a residence don, club, or other group on campus, our Peer Health Educators can come in and do a workshop for you.  Simply read through the workshop descriptions and if something peaks your interest please contact the Health Outreach Coordinator, Beth Doxsee (doxsee@queensu.ca or 613-533-6000 x79071).

Workshop Descriptions

D.R.I.N.Q (Drink Responsibly Initiative at Queen’s) Games
We've created some DRINQing games that are intended to help students make safe choices about alcohol use – so they won’t get hurt. Games include beer goggle relay race/obstacle course, flip cup Q&A, and jeopardy.
Location: Large Room
Time: 30-45 minutes
Number of students: each game works best with 10-20 students
***MUST BE ARRANGED 1 week in advance***
Creative Cafeteria
Sometimes students get bored with the food choices in the cafeteria so our Peer Health Educators have come up with some really creative, yet healthy, meals students can prepare with foods from the cafeteria. This often works well for residence floors if students come down together with a PHE to show them how to prepare the creative meals.
***MUST BE ARRANGED 1 week in advance***
Food That Makes Cents: Cooking Class – HOT or COOL Food
Peer Health Educators lead a cooking class using quick, easy, & healthy recipes from our Food That Makes Cents cookbook. Variety, portion sizes, and food safety are emphasized. Students share in the meal preparation and clean up.
Time: 1 ½ hour workshop (usually 5:30-7pm works best)
Cost: $5 per person (which covers cost of food...3 course meal!)
Location: A kitchen on campus somewhere (e.g., Residence Common Room, QUIC Kitchen, Ban Righ Kitchen, etc.)
Number of students: minimum of 4 & maximum of 12 students per workshop
***MUST BE ARRANGED 2 weeks in advance***
Stress Busters Workshop
Stress is often a HUGE issue for students in University so Peer Health Educators developed a workshop to teach quick and easy relaxation techniques including: deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and massage. 
Location: Large Room (ideally with carpet)
Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Number of students: 10-25 students
***MUST BE ARRANGED 1 week in advance***


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